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Energetic Activations of Your Divine Being and Intuitive Guidance

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Are You Sick and Tired of Being Stuck?

Ready for some real help to change your life once and for all?


There is a simple solution, and I can show it to you. Once you get it, you will be able to manifest accelerated results in any area of your life. The breakthrough research, along with my personal experience and that of hundreds of my clients, prove your energy could be the very thing holding you back from a life of joy, success, and even love.


Book Your Session Today, and Let’s Do This!



with Mark Hollenstein


Since you found your way to this page, you probably have done multiple combinations of any of the following. You have been in traditional therapy for many years (perhaps even decades); I bet you have read countless self-help books and purchased plenty of online training programs. Chances are good you follow all the latest transformation gurus, watch Abraham Hicks videos on YouTube regularly, smudge your space with sage and burn incense almost daily.


Disappointingly, you are still stuck and can't seem to make the progress each of these listed options promised! Am I correct?


I Know I Am Because I "Feel" You Loud and Clear!

I was just like you for many years, and what I wrote above describes 98% of all my clients! (the other 2% just come for a relaxing massage and don't care about all the other "woo-woo" AF stuff I offer). I know I am describing you because clients regularly show up desperate for my work at this EXACT point in their journey.


It is no coincidence you are reading this page on my website at this very moment. You are HERE because you are READY for what I can offer you-


Freedom...FASTER. Just know that we are all in this together. It is my calling, honor, and gift to be available to those who believe they have tried everything, nothing has worked, and feel they are just one heartbeat away from totally giving up for good. But then, like magic, we find each other at the perfect time, and real alchemy begins.

Book Energy Session

Your First Step is to Book a Session with Me to Have a Real-Time Experience of What I Am Talking About.

You will release some energetic blockages, observe what results follow, and then continue to learn how to manage your new shift to create the life you really want to live.


Book a Session with Me Today
Because You Are Ready to Get Unstuck

It is not uncommon for clients to say things like, “Oh my gosh, I experienced more positive changes from having just one session with you Mark, than I have in five years of therapy combined!”


Of course, I love hearing that, but I know it is not because I am so special, it is because releasing energy blockages is that powerfully transformative.

Let Me Guide You Through the Process
in a Private, 60-Minute Session

I only offer a limited amount of these private session each month, so grab one quick if you see one available on the scheduling tool. I record all sessions and I will email you a digital recording, if you would like me to. Private sessions are via phone or Skype (Skype is required for clients outside of Canada and USA). Available in real time to Palm Spring locals.


Message submitted!


In Palm Springs and ready to feel amazing FAST?

A master massage practitioner, Mark focuses on the healing energy coming out of his hands and amplifies it with conscious attention.

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