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What a great time for us to connect.

New Energies of Ascension are Arriving Daily

and I am Excited to Show You How to Use Them to Radically Change Your Life.

In a nutshell, ascension is the process of the magnetic force field and energetic vibration of planet Earth speeding up so that the planet is entering the 5th dimension. This makes it possible for all of us to tap into realities that are perceived and interacted with beyond our 5 physical senses.


We have the chance to alter the way we live life on planet Earth. It is powerful, exciting, and has never happened this way in the history of our planet! This magnificent possibility allows anyone to consciously participate and connect with the divine being we indeed are.


Everything about my work over the last 40 years has brought me to this glorious moment in our collective awakening! All my current programs and services are based on my divine knowing and experience that absolutely Everything is energy! Thoughts, matter, time, space, color, sound, and naturally…You and I! Everything has an energetic frequency, and ultimately, there is no separation whatsoever. We are ONE SOURCE creator energy. We are ONE with Everything. WE. ARE. ONE.





Ever since I was a young child, I knew I had a calling to help people reconnect with God.


I understood I had a special gift for the task, and it gave me great joy to do so. As a young boy, I could see and feel things beyond my five physical senses that I realized early on most other people could not. I did not talk about it, but others “felt” it.


I became a kid; my friends and their friends would come to seek advice or support. I had an innate capacity to listen intensely and care compassionately. It was common in my youth to hear adults say things to me like, “You are wise beyond your years” or “You are an old soul.” At the time, I did not understand what they meant. Somehow, I just “knew” the right thing to say that would help my young friends make wise choices and manage childhood situations in a way that brought about positive outcomes.



Born in Hollywood, California and raised in the San Fernando Valley, I attended private Catholic school from kindergarten through high school, graduating in 1977. I was the "perfect" Catholic boy of that era. I enjoyed our family being close to the priests and nuns, and I liked being involved in the Catholic mass ritual. I felt close to God.


In my adolescence, I gravitated to leadership roles where I could instinctively support my young friends to deepen their connection to all things spiritual. Unlike all my young buddies, who seemed to me to just be going through the motions to satisfy their parent's desire and our teacher's requirements of being an altar boy, I was compelled to "take it to the next level." I became the head altar boy who trained all of the new students joining the ranks. I joined the music ministries in high school and became a youth leader in many retreat programs. I utilized what I was taught and thoroughly enjoyed being a servant of God within the Catholic church. I was courageously committed to the church's dogma, rules, and regulations.



On Wednesday, July 13th, 1977—one month after graduating high school—I experienced what I called at the time a “profound spiritual conversion,” and I became a “Born Again Christian.”  It was the latter years of the “Jesus movement,” and at the time, it was very popular to be “baptized in the Holy Spirit” and to speak in tongues and move in the other spiritual gifts listed in the bible, as interpreted by certain Christian denominations.

I now know it was then that I received my first conscious ascension activation, as I was “baptized in the holy spirit” that magical day. From that moment forward, without knowing about any of the spiritual gifts, I spoke in tongues, had heightened intuition and psychic abilities, and often witness instantaneous physical and emotional healings by the laying on of my hands.

You can listen to a short audio message where I share this amazing part of my story in detail here:

Right after that experience, I abandoned my plan to be a performer at Disney World in Florida. Instead, I enrolled in bible college and married my high school sweetheart at the tender age of 19. We had three beautiful children and remained married 15 years. During this time, my wonderful wife and I were pastors in a fundamental Christian denomination known as Foursquare. In these “ministry years,” we traveled as missionaries and evangelists, became church planters, and finally landed as senior pastors of our own church in Northern California.


It was during this time that my spiritual and intuitive gifts began to fully manifest in my life – albeit through the lens of the denominational doctrine I was serving in. Healing by the laying on of hands, the interpretation of tongues, visions, dreams, and the gift of knowledge and prophecy were hallmarks of my ministry at the time.


I understand now that my only frame of reference and means to comprehend my gifts was through the perception of the fundamentalist church, but I was simply accessing and trusting my divine knowing and higher wisdom we all have access to.

As my personal awakening continued, I experienced another “game changer” on the path of my life journey. Ironically, I had a complete, clinically diagnosed mental breakdown. I can now joke about it, but at the time of this horrific melt down, I truly “crashed & burned” and suffered the darkest period of my life.


I fully went into my own dark-night-of-the-soul and did not think I would ever return. I was just 33 years old and had three amazing children, ages 13, 12, and 9, who could not comprehend what was happening to their once strong and fearless father.

The sorrow was nearly unbearable, and the darkness and depression were so debilitating that I could not get out of my bed for six consecutive weeks. My sweet wife was beside herself with confusion and sadness. She was also amazing in her grace and commitment to stand with me, as I desperately tried to put myself back together again.


This traumatic crisis is what eventually lead to my decision to dissolve our marriage, discontinue my formal Christian ministry, and ultimately step into my honest and authentic self as an out, proud, loving gay man.




From there, I pursued studies in non-religious, yet holistic, spiritually based practices. Pretty quickly, I nurtured a very inclusive, eclectic spiritual practice rooted in the teachings of Jesus, yet flowing from a zen meditation practice.

As a result, my energetic awareness and personal expansion began to quicken and open to the new energies of ascension that we are collectively experiencing at this unprecedented time in our planetary history.


In meditation, I was introduced to my personal angelic guides, who “downloaded” to me insights and understanding about upgraded DNA activations. I learned how to upgrade myself with higher energetic frequencies to better serve my calling, and to more powerfully serve my clients.


In the language of my fundamental Christian ministry days, the Holy Spirit showed me how to function in even more clarity of my spiritual gifts and anointed me to utilize them more powerfully to serve the masses.

For the last 20 years, in addition to my corporate clients, I have been working primarily with gay and bisexual men seeking sexual healing, personal transformation and spiritual growth through my private bodywork practice, small group coaching and specialized workshops and retreats.

As a facilitator and coach for over two decades, I have been honored to blend my skills and gifts as a business coach, spiritual life coach, energy healer and intuitive reader to what I call “Love on” people in the name of the Divine.


I see myself as a conduit for Spirit, The Divine, Source, The Universe, God, Goddess, Creator, or All That Is. However one divines that/it for his or her self. Simply, the Source, or energy greater than ourselves the guides, instructs, leads, loves and supports all of us, absolutely unconditionally through this human experience we call life.


As my personal evolution has continued and I experience higher energetic vibratory upgrades daily, my work is now calling out to men and women of all gender identification and sexual orientation who are resonating, recognizing, and remembering – together we find our way to each other.




I now serve as a fully dedicated intuitive healer, teacher, spiritual guide and catalyst. I am a guide committed to helping people eliminate their energy blocks, raise their energetic vibrations, and purposefully create the life they truly want to live.

I have created this website to share my message and to connect with all those ready to take their vibration—and their life—to the next level. I know NOW is the time that the new Earth is emerging, and each of us play an intricate, vital part in our collective unfolding, and I know I can support you. Plus, it is super fun to live the life you know you were meant to live, and it would be my honor to help you break free from your stuck places so you can do the same!


So go ahead and hang out on my site for a while. Feel what resonates with you, and see how I may help you to change your life. Let me guide you back to your higher self and your own spiritual gifts. Together, we will activate higher vibrations to make your inner light shine brighter and your heart intelligence transmit stronger, so you can start living in the more joyful, fun, playful, sweet, transformative frequencies we have access to now!

Warmly with massive gratitude,

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