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Do You Feel Stuck—
Like You’re Constantly Waiting for Your Real Life To Begin?

No matter how stuck or fearful you might be, radical transformation into a life of intentional living is possible, and I can guide you there. ANYTHING is possible with the proper support, reliable tools, aligned focus, inspired action, and an open heart. Today, you are one step closer to your breakthrough – and life no longer lived in mediocrity.


Now It Is YOUR Turn!
You Have Found My Website,
and I Am Here To Serve You!

Spend some time looking around and feel into which of my services or products resonate and call out to you. When you are ready to get unstuck and step into a freer, more on-purpose, happier version of yourself… I am standing by, just for YOU.

In the meantime, sign up for my FREE gift to you – a Channeled 5D Light Code Meditation from my guides, the Masters of Light. Fill out the simple form now, and I will immediately send you a powerful breakthrough meditation to get you started.

All you have to do is watch a 7-minute visual meditation that will activate light codes in your mind and DNA, allowing you to connect with dormant energies within yourself. Activating these energies will support you in sustaining a higher frequency and connecting you with more of your soul power. How cool is that? IKR!

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United Kingdom

Mark is extraordinary! 

I’ve finally been able to get in touch with my anger, understand it and intentionally process it. 

Before working together, I had no idea emotions could get trapped in our bodies and keep us unconsciously stuck. What a life-changing gift his work has given me.


Palm Springs, California

I cannot believe how much I’ve changed in the last few years, and so has my life”. Mark has been a major factor in my personal growth.

I see things so differently. He has patiently and gently guided me along.  My way of thinking and understanding has grown by leaps and bounds. My friends have complimented the changes in me. 


Chino Hills, California

My first conversation with Mark, I said, “I am amazing enough; I don’t know what you think you can do for me.” Well, that was three years ago; and the truth be told, I do not have any idea where I would be today without the most honest coaching, guidance, love and patience. Just WOW – how my life has changed in the most positive ways!!

I HIGHLY recommend him...
Get ready to expand into the 5th Dimension, find understanding and a life you did not know exists.



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