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    Healing from Ex-Gay 'Therapy'


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    "Spirit vs. Flesh Must They Compete?"
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    "Allow, Inspire, Support, Embrace" are the four word that encompasses Mark's purpose on this earth. Born In Hollywood, California, and raised in the San Fernando Valley, Mark went to private Catholic school from kindergarten through high school. In July of 1977, he had what he calls a profound spiritual conversion and became a "BORN AGAIN Christian," enrolled in Bible College, then married his high school sweet heart at the age of 19.  They had three beautiful children together and remained married 15 years. During that time his wonderful wife and he were pastors in a Christian denomination known as FOURSQUARE. In theses "ministry years" Mark and his wife traveled as missionaries, evangelists, church planters, and Senior Pastors. It was during this time that his spiritual, intuitive gifts fully manifested in his life: Healing by the laying on of hands, the interruptions of tongues, visions, dreams, and the gift of knowledge and prophecy. Mark left the church in 1991, the same time he dissolved his marriage and fully stepped in to his authentic self as a gay man. Immediately he pursued studies in non-religious, yet spiritually based, holistic practices.  Mark says: "I now have a very, inclusive, eclectic, spiritual practice rooted in the teachings of Jesus and flowing from a Zen meditation practice."

    As a facilitator and life coach for corporations and private clients, Mark states: "I am honored to blend my gifts, as a business coach, spiritual life coach, energy healer and intuitive reader to what I call "love on" people in the name of the Divine. I see my self as a conduit for "Spirit," "the Divine," "God," "Goddess," however one defines that/it for himself or herself. Simply a source and energy greater than ourselves that guides, instructs, leads and loves us all unconditionally through this human experience we call life." Retreats, Workshops, small groups or individual sessions are all a perfect fit for his calling and gifts and Mark is delight to be a part of the leadership transformation team where ever he is invited.

    Mark Hollenstein is a compassionate man dedicated to helping others transform their lives to step more fully into their authentic selves. He is a Personal Transformation Coach and founder of YES:

    YOU EMPOWEREMENT STRATAGIES, through which he facilitates workshops and retreats for diverse populations. Mark is very fond of the Work of Byron Katie, and Eckhart Tolle. He has studied and practiced in Self – Awareness and personal transformation for more than 25 years.

    He is also a certified Bodyworker/ energy healer. Additionally he is a children’s author and creator of Mark has 3 adult children and became a first-time grandfather to Jake Michael Fusco on November 2, 2008 (and he is way excited about it!). He lives in San Francisco, California.

    He is working on a new book:

    "10 Things You Can Do To Change Your Life today”.